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products & servicesOur focus is on you and your needs.

About Our Products and Services
At Fulcrum Benefits, we serve our insurance clients with a personal commitment and dedication that is hard to find.  Our clients know they will continue to work with an owner of the company.  They understand our promise to serve their employee benefit plans  especially includes the day to day challenges the employees may face… claims challenges, questions on coverage, what-if scenarios… and those employees are not only welcome to but are encouraged to call us directly to get the assistance they need.  Our clients are comforted knowing they can focus on their business and rely on us to handle any issues that might arise with their benefits.



As independent brokers, we cater to groups ranging from single person entrepreneurs to larger companies with over 500 employees.  We focus primarily in Iowa, but our clients take us across the Midwest.  We serve a number of industries, from construction to retail to legal and medical professionals. 


Our focus is on you and your needs.





  • Employee assistance with claims, questions, administration and challenges
  • Market and Product Reviews for right fit, right price
  • Communication Plan development and implementation
  • Benefit Program Implementation
  • Ongoing administration
  • Renewal analysis



  • Health Insurance, including HSA plans
  • Self-Funded Benefit Programs
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Company Paid or Voluntary Benefits
  • Flex Plans
  • Worksite Benefits