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About Fulcrum Benefits
Shaun Bennett and Jeff Augustine opened Fulcrum Benefits in 2006 with an interesting concept:  service what we sell.  So often, employers would hear a sales person’s pitch, find a nugget of interest, and then go with that company.  They then find, months later, that that sales person has moved on to the next big prospect and left the service to someone else they have never met.  Or they don’t hear from them until renewal time.  Or they have simply just moved on.  When you accept someone’s ideas for saving premium or finding better coverage, shouldn’t you also reasonably expect that person to be the one to call if there are any issues down the line?  Or that the person might actually have a vested interest in ensuring the plan succeeds?  Yeah… we thought so, too.


We have worked for and learned from some of Iowa’s best insurance organizations, including many of the insurance companies you know.  We turn that experience to your advantage, knowing how to navigate the muddled maze that many insurance companies call “Customer Service.”  We also know how to help you find equilibrium in the benefits you offer your employees and the cost those benefits add to your bottom line or to their paycheck. 


If we are lucky enough to earn your business, you have our commitment to serve you and your employees with care and dedication.


Shaun Bennett


Shaun BennettI began my insurance career on the carrier side working as a Sales Executive for Coventry Healthcare of Iowa and United Healthcare. This gave me unique knowledge and understanding of the health insurance carrier and how they operate “behind the scenes”. In 2006, I decided it was time to make a difference and work with businesses and individuals directly. I wanted to be able to help clients find a benefit plan that meets their business needs as well as their employee’s needs. I wanted to be a resource for employers and their employees, not just at the point of sale, but throughout the plan year, and at renewal. Challenges will arise, and I want to be there to make sure they are handled correctly.


Contact Shaun about your company or individual insurance need.


CALL: 515-278-1800
Email: shaun@fulcrumbenefits.com

Jeff Augustine


Jeff AugustineBefore attending Drake University to earn my BSBA in Business Management and an MBA, I grew up working in my dad’s shoe store.  I learned at any early age that a customer’s needs must be the first and only thing you try to serve.  After Drake, I was privileged to work at Kirke – Van Orsdel, Inc., where that focus on the client presented itself in the insurance world.  I then went to the carrier side of the industry, working with large group health insurance and self-funded plans at The Principal and United Healthcare.  This gave me a well-rounded appreciation for working within the realities of the business world, and to understand how the strengths and challenges of each company can apply to our clients.


Contact Jeff about your company or individual insurance need.

CALL: 515-278-1800
Email: jeff@fulcrumbenefits.com